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Player of the Week: Zoooookini

Zoooookini. The alpha Rein. The 1000-ping warrior. And now, the Player of the Week.

Check out his interview!

1. What drew you to join Azalea?

Some of my good friends were on the team, and I liked the captains.

2. How’s your experience been with the team/org?

It’s been really good! I like everyone in the org. Haven’t had any major issues whatsoever.

3. Favorite memory with the team, in or out of Overwatch?

Honestly, just getting invited and getting to meet everyone. I really like being around everyone on the team. I know it’s not really a specific memory, but that’s definitely been my favorite part.

4. What’s it like being a (main) tank player? How does role lock affect that?

Being a main tank player is really fun. Unless I’m on Orisa, then it’s whatever.

I think role lock affects the tank role in a mixed way. Always having another tank is nice, but role lock made double shield the only playable tank combo for months...which is pure torture.

5. Thoughts on hero bans?

I’m not a huge fan of hero bans. Some heroes get played that wouldn’t normally get played, which is nice. But overall I think bans just make the game less fun most of the time.

6. If you could pick the hero bans, who would they be and why?

Just Mercy. I hate Mercy.

7. Anything else you want to say?

I’m the best Tracer in T5.

Interview + intro by onemissejx

Graphics by Fenedhis/Dianthus Design



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