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Player of The Week: XO4EVR

Beginning his journey in Team Anthemis, this strong off tank player participated in a few leagues, latest being KGL's first season where they placed 2nd. Being the ever-so-humble bodyguard of the main tank, XO is set to play in future tournaments in Team Ardisia. Here's his interview!

1: Before you were in Antheia, you were part of another group. Talk about that and what made you want to join Antheia later on?

Originally I was part of Earth's team called Iron Crusaders, and once that ended me & Earth kind of just came as a package deal. He would always be main tank and I would always be off tank, once we trialed for Antheia I was very happy with the team as I got on with everyone and they all seemed to share my aggressive spawn campy playstyle.

2: What is the source or inspiration behind your gamertag?

Well I was in a Call of Duty team called ‘XO4EVR’, and all the names I wanted were taken so I kind of just took the name and it stuck, so I just went with it. I shortened it so people could just call me XO, also worked for in-game rather than them having to say a name that was really long.

3: What characters suit your gameplay style the most?

Without a doubt Zarya and D.va. Both of these heroes suit my playstyle perfectly, especially Zarya. When you have a good Rein on your team you’re nearly unstoppable. Once you get some momentum behind you, never giving the other team a chance to breathe holding them in their spawn whenever possible. That’s my play style.

4: Talk about your synergy with Kraey (Ardisia MT) when it comes to you two tanking.

Well Kraey and I have played together since I originally joined Anthemis. We’ve played enough together to where we’ve learned how the other plays, and where we don’t even have to communicate to know what we are gonna do. I am always on 100 charge and Kraey is always hitting huge shatters, and the second a fight ends we are in their spawn without even talking about it. People don’t know how to play against a hyper aggressive Rein and Zarya which is incredibly easy to take advantage of.

5: Fen said you have a really big love for kebab, how true is that?

Oh incredibly true, it’s just so quick and easy to have a kebab then run back upstairs to the battle station, and hold King’s Row spawn.

As per usual, thank you for reading! Exciting news up ahead from us, we've been working on it for a bit now and soon we're ready to announce something. See you soon!

Interview by x Grief Seed

Edits made by VenusTheSavior

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