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Player of The Week: VenusTheSavior

We're back! We had a small break from publishing POTW's but here we are with an interview from Venus, who's one of the two remaining founding Astrantia members. She's currently captaining the Astrantia T3 team, and is the resident support main of the org.

1: Tell us about the challenges and rewards for being a captain of the Astrantia roster for tournaments like CGL and Overguard? Being a captain is honestly a lot of pressure that at first I was not ready for if I am being 100% honest. My first true attempt at it was with a very mixed CGL roster last season , we had plats - mid-masters players while also being NA/EU, where we fared well but fell short. Choosing to captain Overguard was a lot easier even with yet again another mixed roster. This was mostly because the I knew my teammates a little more than I had time to with CGL, and I already knew what would be expected of me. We failed to secure a finals match in OG, but I am overall proud of my team and know we can win our next tournament if we keep up the hard work!

2: As a Mercy main, and a female, what hardships have you faced, as the gaming community can still be brutal towards female gamers? Give some examples if you are comfortable doing so. Being a Mercy main in itself is a hardship, and while people argue Mercy doesn’t work, with over 500+ hours on her I can strongly say she's a viable hero. Mercy is seen as a low skill cap hero and while, yes her abilities are simple, to utilize her completely requires a fair amount of practice and determination. Moving onto the female aspect of it, there have been multiple times I have been sexualized in game chat when I’ve spoken. It’s not very often anymore, but when playing in lower ranks (bronze - gold) I noticed it a lot more. I specifically remember one time a guy told me if I did not pocket him, he’d hunt me down and make me regret it. Combining the two makes it a little harder to game, but that’s where the team comes into play. I never really have to worry about going into game chat and hearing anything similar without knowing I have at least one person to back me up.

3: What is Astrantia to you? Astrantia to me is pretty much a second family. The people I’ve met here I’ve grown to care about and depend on when I’m having a bad day and felt like I wouldn’t have anyone to talk to. I’ve recently flown to meet some of the members that lived close to me, and hope to meet more in the future!

4: Is there anything you would change about the road that you and Astrantia have traveled from conception to the now? I don’t really think there is too much I would change. The only thing would be probably sitting out of CGL last season and building up the team before competing.

5: As a Manager, and a Captain, what brings you the biggest pleasure?

Seeing the team grow as players, and seeing friendship form is probably the biggest pleasure. I’ve always wanted people to see us as a family and as long as that stays an option I’m happy!

Thank you for reading! Next week we'll hear from Astrantia Academy!

Interview by x Grief Seed

Edits made by VenusTheSavior

Graphics + article intro/outro Fenedhis



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