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Player of the Week: Venom19980

Our Player of the Week is T3 NA Astrantia's co-captain, Venom19980! Self-proclaimed Hanzo/McCree one-trick (yet one of the most flexible players out there), Venom puts his heart into everything he does for the team. Here's his interview.

1. You recently became Astrantia's co-captain. How's the team doing?

Becoming Astrantia's co-captain felt as though it happened overnight, and caught me by surprise if I'm being honest. I love it though. The team has been molding and improving every week. We've been fixing little tweaks in our gameplay, as well as the major ones in some cases.

I can honestly say that we don't feel like the same team I joined Day One. I feel that's for the better. ❤️

2. What's your experience been with the team/org so far?

When I joined this organization, I had a few thoughts on my mind. I knew that two of my best friends, Cris and Jess, had come over here— and that my main man Saiko would be here to teleport me around on Bastion.

I was immediately welcomed into the team as a Hanzo one-trick, and they showed me love and made me one of their own. If I recall, I don't even think I formally tried out for the team. They remembered me and took me in as it were. Thank you Whitney for taking me when I needed it most, as well as everyone else that was involved.

3. Any special memories?

The best memory so far was our first game after I became co-captain, I believe. We fought hard and we pulled together as a team, and as a family, to beat the undefeated Ignition: Blaze. A victory for the books, one that'll be told for generations.

That day, we became the team I always knew we could be, and we left everything in the lobby.

4. What's your favorite team composition to play and why?

My favorite team comp to play personally is our brawl comp. We have players such as Fanatic, and my captain counterpart Juicey, who excel at feeding deep in the enemy backline. That comp helps me and them do that effectively and (dare I say?) efficiently at times. We're a team full of feeders, but we do it togetherand that's what it takes to be a team.

However, with the hero bans, we can't always do that. In cases like those, it's great to have flexible players. I believe that our team played well with the bans in place, but I believe we'll play even better without them. Since I'm a cowboy one-trick, and I can't play him every other week. ._.

5. Anything else you'd like to say?

I just want to say that I love my team. Each and every one of them. I've made friendships I never hope to lose, and even more than that. Every game, every scrim, and every night playing comp until 4 AM just to break even is a memory I'll never forget. This team is my family, and I'm better for meeting every single person on it.

Interview + intro by onemissejx

Graphics by Fenedhis/Dianthus Design



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