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Player of the Week: TG DiEt BoB

Updated: Mar 14, 2019

TG DiEt BoB is Astrantia's first feature in our Player of the Week series. Bob has been with Astrantia for more than half a year and quickly became one of its most prominent flex players. From Hanzo to DVA, Bob can flex to whatever the team needs to win the fight. 1: Since being in Astrantia, what would you say has been your best memory?

My best memories on Astrantia has got to be internal scrims. Nothing gives me more joy than dunking on teammates.

2: Describe your play style, and why does it work the best for you as opposed to other ways of playing.

My play style is aggressive. Risky and flashy always going for the home run instead of playing cautious. When on off tanks I still have the killer instinct with a bit of protection.

3: Which of the 3 branches (DPS, Tank, Support) is your favorite to play?

My favorite role is healer. Dps has a lot of pressure to perform and way to many counters. Tanks have to create space and protect. On healing I can just stay in the background and chill.

4: What was your opinion of Astrantia when you first joined, and what is it now? What has changed your opinion, if it has?

My first opinion was these people are too nice for my toxicity. I feel like through the year or so since i've been on this team my team work has improved. Astrantia has helped my toxic nature towards teammates and i'm thankful.

5: When does Bob make his Doomfist debut on the competitive scene?

Doomfist and genji are by far my worst characters. I actually played him for memes and got a 6k once. But prob not gonna happen*.

*This is false; Bob debuted Doomfist in Rialto during week 1 against EZ Esports.

Next week's article will feature Astrantia's management team (Fenedhis, M1ch3LL34nn, VenusTheSavior). Feel free to comment below for a chance to get your questions answered.

Interview by x Grief Seed

Edited by M1ch3LL34nn



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