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Player of the Week: StL PuReBreeD

Welcome to another POTW - this week we'll hear from Josh aka StL PuReBreeD, the newly appointed captain of Astrantia's main roster. The tryouts for Astrantia have kicked off, check the end of the article for more info and link to our tryout server. Onto the interview!

1: What is it like to be one of the most veteran member of Astrantia, and seeing the team grow from a small group to what it is now?

It feels different I guess, mostly because it happened so fast. I've seen so many changes this team has made and how far it has come. It is a weird feeling because I feel like just yesterday I was one of those players trying out for a team of people I didn't know, but it has moved quickly. These are some of the coolest, weirdest people I've ever met, and I am proud to call myself their teammate.

2: You recently competed in the recent CGL tournament. What was it like for you? What do you hope to accomplish next season?

CGL was competitive to say the least. Diamond tier is no joke, and there were like.. what.. nearly 40 teams in the bracket? It was hard for me at first because I played regularly before CGL began, but didn't play a CGL match until week 6. It was also pretty difficult switching roles. I've always been used to flexing, and switching to focus mainly on Reinhardt was quite a challenge. It forced me to develop a different mindset about competitive Overwatch.

3: When it comes to roles, you are one of the most flexible members and able to adapt to anything needed. What helped you be able to get to this position (Practiced with certain members, tips and tricks videos on YouTube, etc)?

I started playing Overwatch Season 1, and just like any other game it's important to learn about each hero and find the best utilization for each one. I still remember my first ever game. I was playing Hanzo on my friends console and instantly hit like 3 or 4 headshots on WPG. I logged a lot of hours into the game early and I think that's what gave me the flexibility I have now. As for videos and such, I would watch DSPStanky every day. That dude was my idol for a solid year and a half.

4: What is your biggest tip for anyone who may join Astrantia, or any gaming group, in the future to help them get comfortable with their new team?

The best tip I have for any new member or recruit would be to just be yourself. Joining any team is going to be weird at first because there's always that cliquey phase between joining and feeling like you're part of the team. It comes and goes, trust me. Also, stay involved. It's not fun trying to track people down right before a match or plan practices and scrims when members aren't communicating. Be part of the team.

5: Your gamer tag is PureBreed, but you have jokingly been called PureBread. Are you making the official name change anytime soon?

Oh god haha. Bob's nicknames make no sense. That's actually funny you ask that, though, because I was thinking about dropping the StL from my gametag and just being PUReBreeD. It has a ring to it doesn't it. Almost makes me sound like a tough guy.

Thank you for reading!

Interview by x Grief Seed

Edits made by VenusTheSavior

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