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Player of The Week: Starswede

Hej! Och välkommen till... the POTW article. Sorry, that was about the extent of my Swedish skills. This week we've interviewed the only other (kind of) Nordic player in Anthemis. He doesn't live in Sweden though (which is why I tolerate him) - but his Swedish roots come out when he plays Torbjörn (or Brigitte). Anyways, let's get into the interview.

1: How has the transition from a regular player to a coach for Anthemis Academy? What do you hope to instill in the new players you take under your wing?

The transition was smoother than I first expected tbh. I had been thinking about coaching and coming up with drills before I became Academy coach so I guess that helped. The main thing I've been trying to get through to the Academy guys is having a "team mentality". Trying to get rid of these bad habits we all pick up in solo queue and getting them to trust each other. Everyone blames their team in comp, but it's your biggest asset to winning games. They've got a great bunch of people in the Academy team and have really taken to everything well and have made my life a lot easier, except Afro and Sheldini, they're a pain.

2: Who do you find the most fun playing, and what is the reason for it?

I've always found the higher skill heroes really fun and rewarding, particularly Widowmaker. It's quite ironic though, as I have no skill whatsoever.

3: Where do you hope to see Anthemis go in 2019? What do you hope to accomplish this year as well?

I would love for both Anthemis and Anthemis Academy to complete the coming CGL season. I feel that would be a nice reward for all the people who have worked so hard to get the teams where they are now, especially Fen.

4: Tell us the story behind the hashtag #fistofrebellion. I'm told it's an Anthemis inside joke.

It started with the update when they added the melee icons to the kill feed. I was playing Lúcio and got a melee kill. To this day I have no idea why I did this but after I got the melee kill, I shouted "fist of rebellion!" at the player I eliminated. Now everytime you get a melee kill you have to shout "fist of rebellion". I promise we're not weird... Well maybe a little actually.

5: Tell me what Anthemis is to you. Is it a family? A fun bunch of friends to play games with? Or something else?

Family, absolutely! When I joined, I just wanted a semi serious team to play and improve with. I was really surprised with how chill, fun and welcoming everyone was from both NA and EU. I knew then that regardless of how the team performed and progressed, these were the bunch of people I wanted to stick by.

Such sweet words from mr. Swede. Next week we'll be continuing on the EU side, when someone from Anthemis Academy gets interviewed! Thank you for reading!

Interview by x Grief Seed

Edits made by VenusTheSavior

Graphics + article intro/outro Fenedhis


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