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Player of The Week: Sheldini27

Welcome to this week's POTW article - today we're bringing you an interview of the infamous Sheldini, who was recently chosen to be the captain of Anthemis Academy who will be competing in the EU Tier 2 of CGL tournaments.

1: What drew you to Astrantia in the first place, and have your skills improved since joining?

I actually heard about Astrantia from my old teammate Distorted (now Anthemis coach) back in December after I left my old team. He told me they were looking for a DPS, so I messaged Fen(edhis) and it all started from there. After being with the team for 4 months, it's honestly the best move I've ever made!

2: What's it been like to go from a regular player in Anthemis to the captain of the Academy team? What challenges have you faced while in this new role, such as searching for and recruiting new members?

It's definitely been an interesting change to what I've been used to. Definitely needs a lot more effort to make sure everything runs smoothly and is an interesting challenge. Finding players for our tier has been difficult, but I'm happy with the players we have, and hopefully we'll have more players like them join soon.

3: What role do you like to play, and what about it suits your play style the most?

I actually enjoy playing both tank and DPS, so it's hard to say how it suits my play style. Because for main tank I like to play aggressive (much to Fen's and Saiko's displeasure) but when I play off tank and DPS, I like to sit with the team, and prefer team play than trying to solo kill the team myself.

4: What do you want to see in the future for Anthemis Academy? Are we going to be seeing them in CGL next season or in other tourneys?

With Anthemis Academy, we'll participate in next the seasons of CGL, hoping there's enough teams. But I hope our team will improve as a team and compete in this tournament to win, but also have fun. But at the moment, it's trying to get familiar with each other, and our play styles and enjoy ourselves!

5: Is there a member of Astrantia that you have a friendly rivalry with? I mean its better to ask who I don't have a rivalry with at this point! AfroPlays is one, especially since he's co captain for Anthemis AC, but we have a lot of friendly banter. But everyone at Astrantia and Anthemis are amazing people and I'm glad to be part of the teams organisation and I hope to be part of the team for a long time coming!

Next week there's an interview of someone from the Astrantia roster. Our management team and captains have been reorganizing our NA rosters this week, and we'll kick off recruiting for them soon! So keep an eye out on our Twitter for more news on that.

Thank you for reading!

Interview by x Grief Seed

Edits made by VenusTheSavior

Graphics + article intro/outro Fenedhis


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