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Player of the Week: SaikoHyeonsil

Updated: Apr 8, 2019

This week we've interviewed our team member who goes by many names, recently dubbed "Sym God" by CGL casters but also known as Syko x Neroshii, SaikoHyeonsil, Symdaddy Sanjay and so many more names... we'll just call him Saiko for this one.

Saiko has recently joined our organization management team to fill up a spot that Michelle left behind - she has decided to take a backseat for an unknown time. Our management team now consists of Fenedhis and the power duo Venus and Saiko (catch them on our Twitch on Saturday evenings!) Saiko is also the captain of Astrantia Academy, and recently played as a part of our CGL roster for NA Tier 3.

Anyways, let's get to the interview!

1: How did you come by Astrantia, and what about them made you want to join?

OXOC’s (Overwatch Xbox One Community) comp nights event that they held when I first joined to Facebook group. I was on a team with Michelle and Fen, and Whitney joined later on (which I guess played to my benefit.) In the meantime I have played against Astrantia in scrim/PUG type events, because I did like the interactions with the team and while I didn’t mean to, I showed my ass and had moments that /may or may not/ have brought more attention to me.

2: What is it like to have gone from just a regular member, to Captain of the AC, to a Manager? What challenges has each new position brought you?

I didn’t feel too much of a difference, probably because I’ve had a word, or hand in some things that happened with the team regardless of my position. It just became a measure of putting on the title. The only challenge was getting used to the extra discord channels.

3: What do you hope to bring to Astrantia since you have been named Manager?

To be completely honest, just that tiny bit of extra help needed to do some of the things we want to do in order to make this organization more of an organization.

4: As a Symmetra main, what is it like playing a character that has had to be reworked and tweaked to what she is today. What about her kit fits your play style the most? What is it like to be such a Sym main that a caster has called you "Sym God"?

Being a Symmetra Main is a joyride and a half, especially with her going through 3 whole

reworks/kit changes. While it was not hard for me to understand her kit, it does become difficult to play her when she has a lot of bugs patch by patch. That and the general OW community still has a pretty garbage disposition towards Symmetra. This can sometimes make playing her in regular/solo ladder anxiety inducing. The part of her kit that fits my playstyle the most? Idk. Teleporter lets me do flanks on a dime and do whatever I want with relative ease (unless they all turn around and sandblast me), but I also can’t aim so the turrets are great. Her new ult let’s me dodge and weave so much because I tend to play defensively, depending on my team. I think it’s an even split between all of her abilities. The caster’s “Sym God” comment? Should have never tried to play Sym like I’m not going to do something about it and show you what’s up. @ me next time, because I’m petty, and you will be microwaved.

5: Since becoming manager, where do you see Astrantia going forward? Do you have any ideas or plans on what you will be doing first?

I think over time Astrantia will probably reach to be an organization where we will obviously have our own team, but will reach to maybe be able to host our own events and have significant community outreach. I have ideas, but I’m not gonna disclose any yet until I can determine whether or not they are feasible. Changes will happen, but maybe not as fast as we would like. We’ll see.

Check out Saiko's Twitch and YouTube! https://www.twitch.tv/sxnhyeonsil SaikoHyeonsil x Plays

Thank you for reading and we'll be back next week with a final CGL recap and another POTW! Who would you like to see interviewed? Let us know on the comments or tag us on Twitter!

Interview by x Grief Seed Edits made by VenusTheSavior Graphics + article intro Fenedhis



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