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Player of The Week: onemissejx

Welcome back! We've returned from our rebranding break, and ready to continue the POTW articles under the new Antheia name. We'll begin with the new team Allium, which is our brand new Tier 4 team, led by the wonderful onemissejx or Jess. She's been such a wonderful addition to our organization and we're excited to work with her and the new Allium team. Here's her interview!

1: How is it to be Allium's captain and what challenges do you expect to face? I'm SO excited and honored to be here! Thanks to an awesome management team (s/o to Fen, Venus, and Syko), the transition to Allium has been seamless. I've felt like a part of the Antheia family for a while now—even before the move—and I feel really empowered in my captain role. They're always checking in with me to make sure I have everything I need to support the team. They're awesome.

Recruitment's always a challenge. I'm still relatively new to the T4 scene, so I'm learning what to look for in potential teammates—especially since I really only specialize in support heroes. By the time this article's published, we'll have hosted our first round of tryouts, so I'll preemptively say they went VERY well. ;)

2: What supports are your favorite to use, and why?

Ana's by far my favorite support. Her kit's difficult to master, so when you land the right combos or a f a t nade, you feel like a goddess. The high-risk/high-reward heroes are always the most fun to play.

In this double-shield meta though, you obviously can't use her as much. I've since leaned into Moira—a lovely reminder that supports can deal a good amount of damage (and that it's not throwing to do so). Her beams and evasion make her a nuisance and an absolute joy.

3: Tell us about what it's like to have hit T500 in the last role beta, and how GM and T500 games differ from games in Plat or Diamond?

I was honestly a little shocked to hit T500/GM in role queue beta, but it gave me a lot more confidence. I'd placed around 37xx and worked my way up to 42xx in about a week. There were people saying things like, "Oh, you only got to GM because of Moira!" or "It's only role queue, it doesn't matter." But it's important to not let anyone belittle your achievements—you worked hard for them!

It's difficult to compare the ranks pre-role queue because I was never GM before then. But from what I've experienced, the main difference in higher ranks is that players know when to regroup after a lost team fight. Whenever I play on lower SR accounts, I notice a lot more investment (time and ult-wise) and feeding. So. Much. Feeding. Plat/diamond games also tend to feel longer because teams play more passive. Just get up in there! SHOW 'EM WHO'S BOSS.

4: Only 2 people can queue up together in higher SR lobbies. Who is your go-to partner for those climbs to the top and why are they your pick (Good synergy, mains work well together)? Cris. Cris. Cris. ItzAlien89 forever. We've been playing together for over a year now, so we vibe SUPER well together. He's my favorite Lucio/off-support/everything because his aggression and peels are out of this world. 👽 We're also best friends outside of the game. He's simply irreplaceable.

5: How has your experience in Antheia been so far?

Everyone in Antheia is so kind, funny, and loving. It's not just about the games here—it's really about the community surrounding them. And I'm incredibly happy to help grow it ❤️

If you're interested in trying out for Jess's team Allium, please contact her on Discord at onemissejx#7719! As always, thank you for reading!

Interview by x Grief Seed

Edits made by VenusTheSavior

Graphics + article intro/outro Fenedhis



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