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Player of The Week: Not Arachne

The one, the only - Candice aka Arachne (or Not Arachne?). Some of you know her as the hitscan player from Astrantia, some from the XB1 Facebook group.

Here's her interview!

1: Tell us about you trying out for Astrantia. Were you convinced by someone to try out, or was it something you wanted to do for a long time?

I always thought being on a team would be fun but I never thought I was good enough to actually be useful in one. Michelle, had invited me to do some PUGs with the team and after that, she and one other, suggested I should try out!

2: You're a Widowmaker main, and with that comes a stigma that is in the community (as in some Widow mains are terrible, or that they use mouse and keyboard on console to win). How do you deal with this?

Oof. What I want to tell people to do is just block out all the haters; you do you boo. But the hard reality is, being a Widow main is super stressful. You’re always going to have people whose expectations you won’t meet, or who pounce on you for every mistake. But just remember, you’re doing your best. That’s all that matters! Also for those who accuse me of mnk; I’M LIKE SILVER ON PC PLEASE STOP I'M ACTUAL TRASH OK?

3: You competed with Astrantia in the Valor tournament alongside veterans and fresh recruits. What was it like to represent the team for the first time in any tournament setting?

Yea so that was terrifying yet awesome. I 100% woke up 5 mins before our first ever match so I probably blew that game for us (sorryyyy) but the rest of the tournament was great! Everyone fought super hard and I’m so proud to be a part of this team. I’m disappointed how we ended but this next one we should have plenty of people to fill! Let’s heckin gooo!

4: What other heroes do you like to play beside Widowmaker? Has her kit allowed you to flex into other roles more easily than others?

I’m going to be honest, if I’m not on Widow I’m probably annoyed about it. However, SOMETIMES I do enjoy other heroes. Being a Widow main for so long has helped my Ana skills by a lot. Playing Widow has also helped with my Mercy play; surprising, I know, but here’s why: I have a 6th sense for widow shots. I can easily outplay a Widow as Mercy simply because I know how Widows time things. Other than that, I also enjoy playing Dva, Zarya, Moira, Hanzo, Soldier, Tracer, McCree, and recently Hog!

5: Tell us about the other ladies of Astrantia, and what they mean to you as friends and teammates.

I love them. I know Michelle and I joke around about hating each other a lot but honestly she took me into this team and gave me a whole new family. And Whitney? I thought she hated me at first but now I feel like I can talk to her about anything. Fen; thank you so much for everything you do for this team! I love all my ladies; thank you all so much for supporting me and allowing me into your Astrantia Family! 💕


As always, thank you for reading! Next week we're diving back into our EU division, and we'll interview someone from Anthemis. 👀 More of Arachne: https://www.twitch.tv/arachne_streams https://www.instagram.com/arachne_posts/ https://twitter.com/Arachne_Tweets

+ you can catch her on Saturdays 10:30PM EST on our Twitch channel http://www.twitch.tv/teamastrantia

Interview by x Grief Seed

Edits made by VenusTheSavior

Graphics + article intro/outro Fenedhis



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