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Player of The Week: N2va

Recently promoted to co-captain of the European T3 team Anthemis, N2va has been a part of the roster since the renaming of the team. He's been the starting main support and he is an incredible Mercy player, but can flex to all roles as well.

1: How did you come to find out about Antheia, and what made you want to join?

I found Antheia when I was a free agent looking through random teams that were suggested to me on the Guilded app, when I saw ‘Anthemis’ at the time, the teams graphics were appealing and looked professional so I immediately wanted to join. Unfortunately at the time I was past the 3750SR threshold and was told I couldn’t join because of that. Fenedhis, however hit me up and said if I’d like to wait around, to which I did because I knew it was the team for me.

2: What type of hero you wish to play (Damage, Tank, Support), and which one fits your play style more?

When I first played Overwatch, support caught my eye, and most particularly Mercy did due to her fast play-style. I didn’t want to play attackers (DPS) again like in every other FPS game, so I dedicated my time into becoming the best support player you could come up against in that particular skill range, to which I can say, I believe I achieved. Furthermore, DPS and Tank players usually get the spotlight all the of time so I wanted to be a spotlight player on an often underrated and important role.

3: What challenges do you face playing in T3?

I haven’t faced that many problems in tier 3 due to my skill exceeding the opponents. However, I really wanted to improve my teammates’ performances by allowing them to play their best through my better support for example, to do this I need to raise my consistency of my performances until I wouldn’t get an ‘off game’.

4: What do you see in the future for yourself and Anthemis?

I couldn’t tell you to be honest, I’ve got no clue, I really don’t want to leave because I’ve met great people here and I enjoy playing with them. I am currently co-captain so I would like to live up to this role and be a good one. We, as a team, are waiting for the meta to change, hoping it can re-kindle our love for the game because to be honest it hasn’t been fun to play, even though we are still one of the if not the best T3 team. I would like another opportunity to participate in a mixed rosters league like the ‘arena’, it was a great opportunity to meet new people and make new friends.

5: If you could be T500 in any one hero, who would it be and why?

If I could be top 500 for any hero, hopefully regardless of meta it would be Zenyatta because if his fun and incredibly high skill cap, making him hard to master fully at top level play.

Thank you for reading, we'll be taking a small break in between POTW's and we'll return in a bit over a week! We're also thinking about writing other articles to our website too, so stay tuned for those as well...

Interview by x Grief Seed

Edits made by VenusTheSavior

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