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Player of The Week: MerkyOw

Welcome to another installment of Player of The Week. This time we've interviewed Merky from Astrantia Academy! She's a part of the newly built Overguard Arena roster and has been in the Academy team for a while now.

1: What challenges and rewards do you associate the most with being a Mercy main?

The biggest challenge is the assumption that I can only play Mercy and I have no skill at the game. When in reality most “Mercy mains” can play other hero’s but due to Mercy meta that was so prominent are often pigeon holed as a one trick. The biggest reward is stealing potg with a big rez and some good old valk healing.

2: I heard you are an avid cosplayer. Any plans to do any OW characters in the future?

I have actually done a Houston outlaws PJ Mei for BlizzCon last year. But I currently have a Mercy design that I want to do. The wonderful and amazingly talented Zach Fischer (@zachfischerart on Instagram) designed for the project Ebon Blade Overwatch designs. As well as just normal witch Mercy and the Atlantic division skin one day.

3: What is it like to witness OWL matches live and in person?

The Blizzard Arena is an awe inspiring experience. It is unlike anything I had ever seen and the games I got to see where long ones as well. On top of that, the World Cup arena at BlizzCon is a once in a life time experience that I highly recommend any fan of pro esports attend. The energy in both stadiums is fantastic and it’s fun to come together as a community.

4: What are your thoughts on competing in the Arena tournament as a member of the roster?

I am really excited to bring all that we have for the arena tournament. I think we have a fantastic team and only time will tell with how we do.

5: What's been your biggest accomplishment since joining?

My biggest accomplishment since joining Astrantia is probably the amazing friendships that have helped me learn and grow as a player and person.

Thank you for reading. Next week we will interview someone from Anthemis again! We will also start releasing Arena recaps when it kicks off. See you then 😘

Interview by x Grief Seed

Edits made by VenusTheSavior

Graphics + article intro/outro Fenedhis


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