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Player of the Week: KuRRupTiioNx

Our Player of the Week is Allium’s captain—KuRRupTiioNx! A solid T4 main tank and strong leader in-game and out, KuRRupTiioNx is a force of nature. Here’s his interview.

1. What’s it like being the captain of Allium?

I've had a great experience so far. I've made some tough calls to better the team, but I have a great roster of teammates behind me for support. They’re all really helpful in finding ways to improve the team. Taking on this responsibility has really helped me grow, both in the game and out.

2. What's your team/tournament experience?

The first ever competitive eSports team I was a part of was when I played another Blizzard game, Heroes of the Storm, back in 2016. The team name was Illusion eSports, and I was the support player. That game was what first got me into Overwatch, since it has some of the Overwatch heroes in it.

Once I started playing Overwatch in early 2018, I decided to look for an Overwatch Xbox League and found CGL. I joined a T3 team, Braves Gaming, back in 2019—near the start of the season. We had a perfect roster for the GOATS meta, and we made it all the way to the playoffs. Unfortunately, we had 2 disconnects in the semifinals and it cost us the season. We placed 4th. The team disbanded shortly after, and I eventually came across Allium. I joined in October of last year.

3. How's your experience been with Allium so far?

My time with Allium has been fantastic. I've met so many people and made some lasting friendships. Being one of the main shot callers for Allium for the past 6 months has really helped me improve my gameplay. It's really boosted my own confidence in myself and my teammates behind me.

4. Favorite memories with the team/org?

My favorite memory by far is winning a map against one of the strongest teams in the league, Kinetix, during the D9 tournament. I still remember how pumped we all were once that 'Victory' screen popped up. Even though they still beat us 3-1, it was a huge accomplishment for Allium.

5. Thoughts on hero bans?

I think hero bans are a great addition to the league. It’ll create a lot of diversity from week to week, and force teams to adapt to new metas very quickly. This will weed out the teams who just copy the best meta from others who know the game most.

6. How do you think hero bans will affect Allium in the upcoming CGL tournament?

I think that hero bans will help Allium a lot. We have a pretty flexible and knowledgeable team, and we can adapt really well. However, it will require a more substantial amount of practice each week. Thanks to a certain virus, I have all the time in the world now to work with the team on the tournament.

7. Anything else you'd like to say?

Just want to shout out Fabled for being with me from the start and helping captain the team. Without him, Allium wouldn't be where it is today.

Interview + article by onemissejx

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