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Player of The Week: Kraey Stark

The Anthemis flex player, Kraey, has been a part of Astrantia and Anthemis for a long time. Kraey was dragged onto the team by Fen - the two actually met on Overwatch. Now they've been living together for nearly a year! Kraey is "a true flex", and can fill any role. They can play almost any hero. Onto the interview!

1: Tell us about your time here in Astrantia, from the beginning and now your time in Anthemis?

Well....I started in the team because Fen(edhis) and Lulu(RAWR) were always whining about needing another dps player or tank filler and I was like hey, I could pop in from time to time. At first I thought joining a team is complete f*cking bullshit but somehow, in some way I have come to appreciate it.

2: As a flex player, what role do you seem to like more, or what hero fits your playstyle the most?

I love all the roles equally honestly, what role I want to play in a comp match for example is decided on if I know that I can do better than who is currently playing a hero. What hero fits me most? Hmmm...I like feeling like I pull my own weight, so definitely heroes that need to be in a match, like Reinhardt and D.Va, Lucio, Zen y'know.

3: Talk about your studies. You are looking into gaming design? My studies! Game Design is stressful as hell, we learn everything from Background and Character Design to Voice Acting and MoCap. I always wanted to make a game with some sort of value to it, something you can learn from...recently I really got into writing and if I ever get to make a game myself it will be a brutal roller coaster of pain and despair for sure lol. Plus I'm terribly judgmental and critical when it comes to games, I can't stand the bullshit companies are pulling these days and I hope some day I can change that.

4: What do you think the future holds for both Astrantia and Anthemis?

I got no clue! It depends on where we will all take this organization, but I'd like to say that all the founding members did a spectacular job to build a community between all kinds of different players, that is sure to hold on in the future. So even if we decide to participate in all kinds of tournaments and get and even bigger community, or if we focus on building our own thing and just have fun, I trust that the management team can handle it.

5: What has been the biggest advice you have for your fellow group members?

Stay hydrated, try to get a good night of rest (or day). Don't take any shit from anyone and know that we have an open ear if anything is troubling you. But most importantly, kick ass in Overwatch!

Bonus: Who gets your heart the most, Fen or Venus?

Imagine this scenario: There is a cliff, Fen and Venus are barely holding on to a little branch on opposite sides, in danger of falling to their deaths. I have one single rope that I can use to save one. You bet your ass I'll yeet myself of the cliff before making that decision!

That's it for this week. We apologize for the one week break in between articles, we should be onto our normal schedule now!

Interview by x Grief Seed

Edits made by VenusTheSavior

Graphics + article intro/outro Fenedhis



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