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Player of The Week: ItzDaDeer181

She's idol trash, she loves Florida Mayhem, enjoys booping people off maps... This week's POTW is Kaitlyn aka ItzDaDeer181 from Astrantia Academy! She was recently made co-captain of the team and has been helping out a lot after she joined the team. Here's her interview!

1: What do you like the most, being the off support player for AC?

The thing I like the most about being off support for AC is being able to play on maps where I can get environmental kills onto people to save my team. (: 2: Have you faced any stigma being a young female and playing in a competitive game online like Overwatch?

To be completely honest, no. The most toxicity I’ve gotten about me being female is in ladder where people have gotten tilted and took it out on me, but I haven’t ever gotten any harassment about it.

3: Talk about your cosplays for a while. What is it like to cosplay as a character, who have you cosplayed, and any cosplay goals in the future?

Ooh cosplay! Characters I’ve cosplayed are • You Watanabe from Love Live Sunshine • DVA from Overwatch • Nico Yazawa from Love Live School Idol Project • Chiaki Nanami from Danganronpa v2 • Itsuki Midoriya from My Hero Academia • Planchette from Lavendertowne’s Online Comic “Unfamiliar” • Pony Tsunotori from My Hero Academia What it’s like cosplay a character is really cool, at conventions I’ve had little girls come up to me thinking I’m actually their favorite character and it really makes me happy honestly. I like making others smile. My future plans for cosplay is to finish a cosplay with a prop, currently I’m doing Stevonnie’s Sword from Steven Universe and a Catra From She Ra and the princesses of power cosplay! I’m also to do a few more cosplays with my Idol Group “Eclipse Idols”! Currently we are working on a Love Live School Idol Project Subunit Group called Lily White! We plan on performing a big performance in a Idol Concert in December!

4: What is the biggest thing you are passionate about, that is a part of your everyday life?

A few of the biggest things I’m passionate about is art, idols, and cosplay. Art and cosplay are some things I really love, they're always really fun to do, they let me be creative and express myself. Idols are something I’m really passionate about also, more J-Pop idols than anything. Idols make me smile and make me happy when I’m feeling sad, even though I don’t understand any of the lyrics it for some reason still makes happy and smile.

5: What are your goals for 2019 and beyond for yourself, and Astrantia?

My goals for 2019 personally is to do well in school, I’ve started at a new school and I want to get good grades. I want to try and be a good student and be a good friend to people at my school also. My goal in Astrantia for the rest of 2019 and beyond is to keep practicing and improving for the next CGL season, I also want to make sure my fellow teammates and friends in the org are happy!

Check out Kait's cosplays on her Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/aqourshatesme/

Thank you for reading; next week we'll have an interview from our EU team Anthemis!

Interview by x Grief Seed

Edits made by VenusTheSavior

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