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Player of The Week: Indrii

Welcome to the POTW article! Today's subject was a part of the main roster for a long time but was moved onto the Academy team to strengthen up their tank line. Read Indriis interview below!

1: You used to be on the roster as a main tank. What was that like and who did you like playing the most?

Main roster was a pleasure to main tank on. I have the most hours on Reinhardt so he’s my best hero for that role. I enjoy all tanks, and now I’m trying out Wrecking Ball a lot more to have a diverse hero to fall back on.

2: Going off the last question, you now play for Anthemis as an off tank. How has the change been and what differences do you notice the most?

As I said I enjoy all tanks, and the transition has been very smooth. I feel my Zarya and D .va is at a level that I can hopefully climb and improve on with the coming CGL season.With the academy being a lower SR, I feel my experience can help the team move up the ranks and hopefully get a strong start in CGL.

3: What are your feelings about being in the roster for next years CGL tournament?

I am incredibly honoured to be playing in a league such as CGL. To be in this organisation is also a great honour as I have personally met some amazing people which I can get along with. I’ve played the game for a long time and I’m hoping my experience can ensure I can do my best.

4: Tell me about a hamster you had. I heard it is quite the story.

The hamster in question was named after the first person who would comment to the picture of the hamster. That hamster is now called Maya after Fen. I work in a pet store which Maya was up for adoption in a charity and she is now living in a loving home with 2 young children. Though I think they may have re-named her!

5: What are your final thoughts about Astrantia, Anthemis, and the members of it?

I’m in love with the org, the people and the team. The academy welcomed me with open arms, and when Afro popped the question to me to initially join the org, I immediately said yes. Fen and Kraey were the first people I spoke to and I couldn’t have been more excited to get started. I should apologise for all the times I’ve spammed “who wants to play” in the chats, I just love playing OW with these amazing people! ❤️

Next week we'll have news on our Overguard Arena roster, and another POTW article coming up from a member of Astrantia.

Thanks for reading!

Interview by x Grief Seed

Edits made by VenusTheSavior

Graphics + article intro/outro Fenedhis


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