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Player of The Week: Fenedhis

Well, it seems to be my turn. Hi I'm Fen, and I'm sort of the local overlord here at our org. I'm joking - I do put a lot of my time into these teams though. And I'm so proud of how much we've grown. I'm also very excited for our future, with some changes coming our way very soon! Anyways, here's my interview.

1: When you look at how Astrantia has come from the beginning to how it is now, what are your thoughts?

It's actually insane how we've expanded. People come and go, but a lot of us have been a part of this family for almost 1,5 years now. Sometimes it's been challenging but most of the time we have a good time and I'm so glad I've got to meet all of these wonderful players.

2: Being a founder and manager can't all be fun and games. What are some stressful parts about the position and how do you handle it?

Player conflict for sure. It's always hard to make sure you're being as fair as you can be in situations like these. There's always personalities that don't go together well, but we've always found a way to handle it. It's important to hear both sides before making decisions.

3: What hero fits your style the most, and what, if any, combos do you like pulling off with ults or abilities?

From all the heroes I've played consistently, Ana is definitely my favorite. When I play her I feel like I get the most out of being a support. I do love a good sleep dart + headshot/Rein charge.

4: Did you ever think Astrantia would grow to this size, including the formation of it's EU team Anthemis?

Definitely not. We started as a small roster, I think only me and Venus are left from that one. We recruited shortly after that and eventually we had to expand, when our roster was just too big. I also wanted to play on my own timezone and server, to be able to perform better, so I suggested to build an European roster.

5: If you had to switch roles from what you are now, what heroes would you want to try out the most?

I've never really consistently mained a dps hero, so that could be fun. Maybe Widowmaker. Though from one-tricking Ana I've become somewhat of a bodyshot queen.

You can follow me on Twitter @fenedhis and I occasionally stream some Apex Legends on my Mixer.

So yeah, that's it. Big news coming on September 1st! It'll be announced on our Twitter page. Thank you for reading, and see you very soon!

Interview by x Grief Seed

Edits made by VenusTheSavior

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