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Player of The Week: Fabled

Once again welcome to another POTW article! Today we have an interview from Fabled, who you might be familiar with if you played with or against Astrantia last season on CGL Tier 3. He's decided to step down from the league roster but will be staying as a part of the Astrantia family.

1: What drew you to Astrantia in the first place? Was it the people, the organization, or something else?

I was drawn to Astrantia at first because of a post made by Lulu in the CGL discord channel. Astrantia was looking for a a dps main that happened to have the same hero pool and SR range that I fit into. After I tried out and participated in a few quickplay/comp sessions, it seemed like everyone was really nice and seemed similar to the usual people I hang out with.

2: What hero pool do you prefer the most, and why is that?

I tend to lean towards damage heroes more than the other classes. I have been playing first person shooters for over a decade and they felt the most comfortable to me. Also, they are usually the easiest to carry with on ladder.

3: Name a memorable match that you can always think back on.

Unfortunately I have a very bad memory when it comes to some things so I cant remember the name of the team we faced, but it's the one when me on Tracer, Saiko on Symmetra and HopingPuppy on Wrecking ball and we kind of annihilated and made a 0-2 comeback. If I recall correctly we full held point A on Numbani in that same match. A lot of great moments from that one.

4: Would you do this all over again, from recruitment to where you are now?

I probably wouldn't since this was something different that I wanted to try (being on a team in a competitive league) and I got my experiences from it, and while those experiences are great, I just don't think playing competitively on a team is something I would want to for the time being. But I do like being a part of the team in a casual way.

5: Anything you would say for those who want to try a new DPS hero?

If you're wanting to try a new dps, no matter what kind of strange or different abilities they have, you always want to pay attention to how the flow of the game is going and where everyone is positioned. Despite Tracer being a backline flanker hero, you still have to have an understanding of how the game is playing out. You have to know when people are committing to a fight, when they are retreating, when they use cooldowns, etc. Positioning is important too, but it's about being somewhere at the right time. If you are constantly getting a kill or two and then dying but your team is losing the fight, think about what you could have done better in that situation.

Check out Fabled's streaming on Twitch at: http://www.twitch.tv/dave Thank you for reading! Next week we'll interview a player from Astrantia Academy.

Interview by x Grief Seed

Edits made by VenusTheSavior

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