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Player of The Week: Earthquake3456

Greetings and welcome to another player highlight article! We're back to Anthemis teams and today we've interviewed Earthquake, the co-captain of Anthemis main roster, who's been handling scrim management while Fen has been on holidays. Before Anthemis he was a part of Iron Crusaders, and they even matched up a couple of times with the old Anthemis team (called Astrantia EU back then)!

1: Tell us about your time before joining Anthemis. I hear you were part of another group that helped train and coach you into the player you are now?

I started a team Called Iron Crusaders, when it was made up of NA and EU, XO and Nemo were apart of it, we had so many players at one stage we could scrim ourselves. I had alot of fun plying with them but I wanted a break from running a team so we disbanded and XO, Nemo and I decided to join another team.

2: How did you come upon Astrantia/Anthemis, and how does it differ from your old group in terms of players and management?

When XO was running Iron Crusaders I was focusing on school work, XO started to talk to Fen(edhis) in the CGL discord and Fen offered Nemo, XO and I a tryout to join the team and here we are now.

3: What's your favorite hero and what is a memorable game you had with said hero?

Rein is my favorite, because I love leading the charge against the enemy team and I think that main tank has the biggest impact of any team, The only reason I started plying main tank was because of Jayne and I think if you want to learn main tank, you should watch him.

4: Are you interested in trying to make the Anthemis roster for CGL next season?

Ya of course I'm interested in making the roster for the next season, because next season they're gonna get rolled and smoked.

5: Any advice for those just starting OW or are thinking of joining a group that plays in tourneys?

I think the only advise I have people starting Overwatch is to watch YouTube videos on tips on YouTube and try to find people that your comfortable playing with.

As per usual, thank you so much for reading - next week it's Anthemis Academy's turn!

Interview by x Grief Seed

Edits made by VenusTheSavior

Graphics + article intro/outro Fenedhis



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