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Player of The Week: Deaadlysniperz

This week we're diving into our EU T3 division team Anthemis, and their captain Deaadlysniperz. He's been with us for quite a while now, and has risen through the ranks— both as a player and as a person. Here's his interview!

1. You've been with Anthemis for quite a while now, and you were promoted to the captain role at the beginning of this CGL season. Any memories with the team that stand out? Yeah, I've been with Anthemis for ages now. I've had my ups and downs. But I think one memory that really stands out to me was my tryout with Earth, XO, and the others because that was the first time I'd played in a scrim. I loved it because we absolutely rolled. 2. How's captaining been so far? What's the most difficult aspect of it? Captaining has not been easy, and I think the hardest bit for me was trying to find my 8 players within pretty much a week for the CGL sign-ups. 3. You've switched from being a DPS player to playing a lot of tank. Why? I switched off of DPS to be the team's main tank because, let's be honest, not many people enjoy it. I couldn't find a main tank when recruiting, but I did find a few DPS players, so I just decided to go on Rein myself. It's earned me a few clips for the CGL highlights, so I can't complain. 4. How has being with the Antheia organization affected you? I think being a part of this lovely group of simps has helped me become a better person, especially since I'm a captain. It's helped me not to be so toxic both in and out of Overwatch.

5. Anyone in the org you'd like to shout out? Free word! I'd like to shout out my boy Nemo (co-captain of Anthemis) for being here since the start, and for putting up with me. Catch Deaadly on Twitch at http://www.twitch.tv/deaadlysniperz! Interview + intro by fenedhis, edits by onemissejx

Graphics by Fenedhis/Dianthus Design



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