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Player of The Week: AlyTin

This Sunday our content creating team interviewed AlyTin, who's familiar from Astrantia's last season's CGL roster. She was first a part of Astrantia Academy but moved to main roster during the league season. Here's her interview!

1: Tell us what drew you to Astrantia, and what motivated you to want to tryout?

Well I’ve always wanted to play with a solid team and I saw one of my friends Nero (or Saiko as you guys call him) posted about looking for people for the AC team, didn't really expect to get accepted but here I am. :)

2: What role do you prefer playing, and why? What about it suits you the best, and what hero do you like the most?

I prefer playing support, I’m not to sure why but I always got drawn to it for some reason. I like playing the role because I like to look after others and it gives me the opportunity to do that in game. Zenyatta and Mercy are my favorite definitely.

3: Describe the change from moving from Astrantia Academy to the main roster. Is there a big difference in being in a different division?

New people, there were more practices, and your play style gets looked out on more; especially when I started to play Lúcio and I got some advice how to play him better.

4: What was it like to compete in the CGL alongside your teammates? Was it everything you thought it would be?

It was scary, knowing it was my first CGL to compete on, but after I get to know my teammates more I was determined we were gonna win matches. And it was ,there were casters and streams of the matches from time to time it felt really cool lol.

5: If you had to, would you do everything again? (From tryout, all the way to CGL and today)

Definitely! The process made me realize that I don’t suck at Overwatch as much as I thought after all.

Thanks for reading! Next time someone from Astrantia Academy will be featured.

Interview by x Grief Seed

Editing by VenusTheSavior

Graphics + article intro/outro Fenedhis



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