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Player of The Week: AfroPlays

Welcome to another POTW! Today we've interviewed Afro, who's the current co-captain of Anthemis Academy. He also streams on our Twitch channel every Friday at 2PM EST/7PM BST. Afro is also an aspiring Twitch streamer/YouTuber. Links to his social medias can be found after the interview!

1: Why did you want to try out for Astrantia? What do you think of the later transition to have the European division, Anthemis?

I originally tried out for Astrantia due to being tired of the randomness of competitive play. Teammates not working together, unbalanced teams, it got too annoying to deal with for a game I loved. So, a team environment was really appealing. As for the transition, I think it’s worked really well. Allowing Astrantia and Anthemis to work sort of separately, while still under one umbrella gives less stress to those running it.

2: Tell us your duties as co-captain. Who do you work closely with in your day to day activities, and how are you enjoying the title and the responsibilities that come with it?

As co-captain, I’m helping the captain Sheldini keep things running smoothly. Watching over the team, and talking a lot to Sheldini and the coach Starswede about how players are performing. I should do a little more, such as scouting for players myself, but helping Sheldini for now is good.

3: What role do you play a lot? What hero fits your playstyle and allows you to use your skills the most effeciently?

I love playing all roles, but I’ve taken a liking to hitscan dps most of all. Tracer, Ashe and Soldier all have fun playstyles, and working all hitscan heroes help me learn them more and who works with what style is being ran.

4: Tell us your opinions of Astrantia, and Anthemis.

Both Astrantia and Anthemis as a whole are really good. The management is super friendly and helpful, it allows players to grow and improve, and their social media presence and engagement with the community is awesome. I’ve made friends here just by talking over Discord with people and it’s very welcoming.

5: Any words for people who may want to try out for Astrantia, or any Overwatch team in general?

My advice, just jump into it. Most people will be worried when first trying out, I was myself. But being in a team is a great experience, and even if you don’t feel like you fit in one team, there are plenty of others who are always looking for players. But pick Astrantia, we’re clearly the best.

Find AfroPlays at: http://www.twitch.tv/Afro_Plays

YouTube: AfroPlays


Thank you for reading! Next week we're hopping back to the NA teams!

Interview by x Grief Seed

Editing by VenusTheSavior

Graphics + article intro/outro Fenedhis



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