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Paris Map: Tips by Syko x Neroshii

Paris Summary:

  • 2 CP (with twists that are pretty enjoyable to know).

  • This map outside of the choke points is EXTREMELY open. Snipers and dive can easily take advantage of the open spaces and become the meta for this particular map.

  • 1st point is extremely small, which means it could be an automatic wipe with GOATS if they can make it in one piece.

  • 2nd point however is a different story, but that’ll be dove into later.

Let’s talk about some S-tier heroes for this map, meaning they will see the most value out of this map based on the setup.

Best Heroes for Paris:

  • Wrecking Ball

  • Ashe

  • Widowmaker

  • Bastion

  • Ana

  • Zenyatta

  • Hanzo

  • Lucio

  • Winston

  • Sombra

A/B-tier, the map can easily be ran in their favor, however, results may be seemingly inconsistent.

  • McCree

  • Soldier

  • Symmetra*

  • DVa*

  • Orisa

  • Mercy*

  • Zarya

  • Genji

  • Mei

  • Junkrat

  • Pharah*

  • Torbjorn

  • Tracer*

* : These heroes are bordering A/S tier. The reason why they are on the A tier side is solely because their applicability can easily be countered. While their usage in this map may be incredibly advantageous, they are not the strongest.

C/F-tier, while combining any of these heroes in a composition can make then move up in tier, alone, they will have the least solo impact, unless a situation favors them.

  • Moira

  • Reinhardt

  • Roadhog

  • Reaper

  • Brigitte

  • Doomfist

Keep in mind that this list is primarily based off of their potential power level on this map.

Now, let’s talk sections. This is based off individual advantages and how versatile they can be on this map. Example, you can easily combine Moira/Orisa/Roadhog/D.Va/Lucio/Reaper, while this comp would look ‘bad’ in this situation because of the tiering of individual heroes, this could easily become an S-tier composition in the right situation.

Now let’s talk to some key points, literally, points/objectives. For a semi-reasonable video explanation talking to avenues that can be taken for these points, and some small tips, feel free to refer to my twitch video: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/373510154

1st Point, Attack Spawn

The arrow is pointing directly into the attacker’s spawn.

The arrow is pointing directly into the attacker’s spawn. Luckily there isn’t a position I noticed where you can automatically get spawn killed walking out the door, but be wary when walking out right side out of spawn, for someone could be lurking waiting for a moment to pounce.

This strategy would be advantageous to a Junkrat and Pharah because they can get away quickly after landing all the damage. Torbjorn and Bastion for being able to output massive damage, but at the cost of literally feeding.

1st Point, Objective

This square is the objective on 1st point.

You see that tiny square with the stair entrance? Yeah. That’s the objective. A few things to note, and where certain people can benefit.

Scenario 1: Those circled areas are areas that sharpshooters/snipers can abuse for the sightlines they can gain. As well as places the defense can hold the choke, specifically at the furthest right circle. Inherently this would be their map and their point, BUT, this is where you can easily run dive against it because you have nothing but space, and nothing but time for this snipers. Also, if you really wanted to be petty, you can run Lucio, Wrecking Ball, Winston, Brig, and go for full boops off of first point, because that is a thing.

Keep in mind of this: to get past the choke you can choose to try to right around right (realistically left) of the high ground indicated to the left OR you can try to make a right turn out of the choke, and go past a gate (with polizia vehicles and a mini healthpack) and engage them from their left. You could also dive, there is a lot of open space that can be exploited for what it is. The choke is pretty one dimensional so passing it may be a task and a half if you are cornered.

Naturally however, if you fail to get past the choke with a normal 2-2-2 composition…. There is always GOATS and its 1 million variations.

Choke point before 2nd point

2nd Point is where stall heroes become the true point clearing heroes.

There’s nothing too special about this point, but do pay attention to and respect the right and left sides for either snipers or just a straight ambush. And yes, you can walk around them instead of walking in the center.

For attackers, the amount of space you have and avenues you can take to get to second point with the possibility of barely being noticed without Widow’s Infrasight or Hanzo’s Sonic arrow… it’s pretty high. Just be careful because it’s as easy to flank as it is to reposition on defense.

2nd Point: Where the stall heroes become the true point clearing heroes. Some ultimates demonstrated in the following clip: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/373523089

This point is a point that can be filled with a metric load of fuckery and a half. Between stall heroes like Mei and Wrecking Ball having ultimates that can cover the entirety of the capture point. Maybe not the entire area, but the entire capture point. EMP/D.Va bomb couldn’t be any easier to land as well for this point.

Take note of this statue as it will be a proven centerpiece to land some key ultimates.

Keep note of the circled areas, these are all possible side paths the enemy can take the pursue the defenders, especially with the catch of them being harder to detect than normal due to the very limited sightlines that will indicate where they are before they are in a distance to make an impact. The pink areas are marked as such due to these being positions DVa can indeed land a perfect DVa bomb that will cover all the entire point.

Take note of this statue as it will be a proven centerpiece to land some key ultimates, such as:

Wrecking Ball / Minefield Sombra / EMP

DVa / Self-Destruct Mei / Blizzard

Lucio / Sound Barrier

You can also align certain ultimates in front of pillars, or on the higher ground ledge in defender’s spawn, where you will be granted an enormous LOS, especially to the point where the enemy may not be able to run away, such as:

McCree / Deadeye Ashe / B.O.B Soldier:76 / Tactical Visor Bastion / Configuration: Tank

Written by Syko x Neroshii

Formatted and edited by M1ch3LL34nn



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