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Happy 2nd Birthday to Antheia Esports!

On Monday, I was checking my calendar and wondering why this week felt so important. Then, I realized—Friday (today) is our organization's 2nd birthday! I'm endlessly thankful for all the memories we've shared, and all the people I've met.

This year, we went through a big rebranding—from Astrantia to Antheia. Why? We were growing really fast, but didn't want to change the name of our oldest team Astrantia (T3 NA). That's when M1ch3LL34nn, one of our founding members who pops in every now and then, came up with the name Antheia. Kraey and I worked on the new logo, and the management team picked out the new team names.

Soon after the rebranding, a blessing named Jess (onemissejx) joined our organization. With her help, we expanded with two higher tier teams—Allium (T4) and Azalea (T5). I'm glad to have made a new friend, and I'm excited to continue working with Jess.

Another important part of Antheia is founding member Whitney (VenusTheSavior)—known for her (well-worded? snarky?) tweets and being captain of Astrantia. She's been through a lot lately, but luckily she's going on vacation soon to meet up with more Antheia members.❤️ Some tournaments our teams competed in this year: 🔹 Astrantia and Anthemis in CGL MTT Season 6 🔹 Astrantia/Amaryllis mixed roster in Overguard Arena 🔹 Astrantia "Houston Outlaws" Champions in Console Xbox League 🔹 Anthemis 2nd place in Kybaid Gaming League 🔹 Azalea/Allium mixed roster 2nd place in D9 tournament Special shoutout to my own team Ardisia and my boys at Anthemis (our EU teams, aka my babies). I'll be whipping them into shape to compete in some European tournaments this year.

All in all, I can't wait to see how all of our teams do. Most importantly, I really hope everyone has fun playing and competing. Thank you for reading. And thank you for being with us—whether you're a player, ex-member, friend, follower, or community member.




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