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CGL Week 5 & 6 Recap

Astrantia picks up two more wins by defeating Arc Flash eSports and Quick Maths.

Arc Flash eSports proved to be difficult adversaries as we narrowly lost the first map on Dorado. Ilios was another nail-biter but Astrantia eventually won the 2nd map with HopingPuppy's disruptive Hammond. With good momentum Astrantia made a strong comeback on Numbani with a full-hold on first point as DPS duo Fabled wrecked on Tracer and Neroshi unleashed his inner 'Sym God' as dubbed by casters Too Odd and Haireball.

Week 5 concluded with a 2-1 win in favor of Astrantia.

Week 6 against Quick Maths was a logistical nightmare as scheduling conflicts arose. We finally found an opening and Astrantia agreed to a last minute match. Like the previous week, Astrantia won 2-1 which puts Astrantia 4-2 this season with 10 total map wins. GGs to both teams.

Week 7:

Astrantia vs. Kapitalism

Match Date: TBD

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