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CGL MTT Preseason Recap

Updated: Apr 7

Whoa, remember these? Yesit's time to bring back the CGL recaps. And this time, we're doing them on Mondays (yes, I know, this one is a day late...). We're also bringing back Player of The Week every Wednesday. A lot of our tournament matches are on the weekends, so saving them for in between seemed like a good idea. Anyway, let's get started!

The new season for the Antheia organization began with Astrantia facing Reborn in the T3 NA division. The Wednesday evening match-up was filled with huge dynamites, huge rezzes (with a bit of battle Mercy), and huge tires. With a rough start, our Astrantia roster was able to find their footing and make 0-1-1 into a 2-1-1taking the series. Next up was going to be Allium versus Apollo T4, but due to a lot of party issues (thank you, Xbox Live), they had to postpone their match to Sunday. Allium was on absolute fire with this week's maps and hero bans, and secured a 4-0 victory.

Check out some of the Astrantia and Allium action in part 1 of our Preseason highlights video!

Saturday was supposed to be a double-header day for us, but Azalea's game was forfeited due to their opponent, Valor Prestige, not having enough players available. This meant a 4-0 forfeit win for Team Azalea (NA T5).

The other game on Saturday was Team Ardisia versus Legacy Academy. Due to an unfavorable hero pool, Ardisia ended in an unfortunate 1-3 loss. Nepal and Blizzard World were very close maps though, so hopefully next week we'll see them make a comeback!

And finally, on Friday, our second EU team Anthemis played in the T3 division against Grizzlies. With their new player additions, they secured the win 3-1!

Next week's schedule: March 26th Azalea vs. Flying Gorillas 8:00 PM EST March 27th Astrantia vs. Neptune Esports 8:30 PM EST March 28th Ardisia vs. Mythical Monsters 4:00 PM EST March 29th Anthemis vs. Legacy T3 3:00 PM EST Allium vs. Danny Defeato 9:00 PM EST (streamed at http://www.twitch.tv/bullskunk!) Article by fenedhis and onemissejx Graphics by fenedhis Preseason highlight montage by SaiKona XCV



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