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CGL MTT Week 6 Recap

Another week wrapped up for Antheia teams on Sunday. And, since we're across the halfway mark of regular season, we thought it'd be fitting to add a little check of map records and standings.

Starting with our EU T2 teamArdisia faced Mythical Monsters in their Week 6 matchup. After faltering in the first map, Ilios, Ardisia pulled it together and finished the series 3-1 with some huge nades and big high noons. Ardisia is currently holding a record of 4 wins and 2 losses, with a map differential of 7. They're third place in their tier standings.

Moving onto the tier above, Anthemis faced Blitz Athena in a very intense and close match. The series even went to a Map 5. On the last round of Nepal, Anthemis managed to turn the map in their favor, finishing the series 3-2. Anthemis also has a record of 4-2, with a map differential of 2. They're fourth in the EU T3 standings.

Next up is the one and only Astrantia, who played against 88's Unchained. Their lineup worked well again, and they secured the 3-1 win. In T3 NA, Astrantia is holding a 5-1 record with a map differential of 14. They're fourth in the Division 1 standings.

Allium has made a comeback after their losing streak, taking their second win in a row. They faced D9 Skinks and finished the series with a 3-1 victory, even while missing one of their main shotcallers who was...taking a nap during the match. "Overall, we had a great sense of what we wanted to do on all of the maps, and were able to execute most of the strategies we had come up with during practice", said Allium's co-captain Fabled. Allium's rocky path has set them with a record of 2-4 (-7), which puts them in 13th place of the T4 NA tier. And finally, Azalea (T5 NA) went the distance on Saturday night with So Low: Blade. They adapted well from map to map to keep the series close—their Ana/Lucio brawl proved especially strong. However, Azalea fell to their opponent's fully disruptive team comp on Nepal. The series ended 2-3. Azalea is currently holding a record of 3-3 (-2) and placed 6th in their tier's standings.



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