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CGL MTT Week 3 Recap

Updated: Apr 22

A week of a lot of varying scores—and a lot of learning. Here's our Week 3 recap! Our first match-up, Astrantia vs. Double Dinkers, was supposed to be on Tuesday. But due to the enemy team having player eligibility issues, the T3 NA match was postponed to Thursday. After an investigation by the CGL conflict resolution team, Astrantia got the win.

On Friday the 10th, Ardisia (T2 EU) faced Dragon Hunters, and with their new pick-up got a convincing 4-0 win. Later that evening, Allium faced the beast. Unfortunately, they came to a 0-4 loss against The Pack in the T4 NA division.

On Sunday, the first match was Anthemis vs. Silhouette Tyrants in the T3 EU division. With a lot of connection issues and a difficulty to refocus, Anthemis fell 0-4. To break the pattern of 4s and 0s this week, Azalea (T5 NA) finished their series vs. Galactic Bananas with a strong 3-1 victory.



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