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CGL MTT Week 2 Recap

The Antheia teams started Week 2 on Friday, with the Ardisia vs. Crusade match in the EU T2 division. Thank you to Crusade for keeping their spirits up after the series. We wish them the best of luck to them (a T1 team in the T2 division) for the rest of the season! One of our teams was in the same situation last season, so we understand the feeling, but it's a great learning opportunity. The series ended 4-0 for Ardisia.

Saturday was the first of two double-header evenings, with our T4 and T5 teams Allium and Azalea. Allium went against Tribulation, and unfortunately struggled with team compositions due to this week's DPS hero bans. They finished their maps with a score of 0-3(-1). Azalea played an insane back-and-forth series versus Levius. With a couple new pick-ups and solid flexibility, they closed out Oasis 2-0 for a series win of 3-2. The second double-header day was Sunday, with both NA and EU Tier 3 teams. Anthemis played against So Low: Blossom, continuing their win streak with a 3-1 score, while Astrantia finished their series versus Twilight with a close 2-3 loss. This week, two of our games are being streamed! Tune in with us for Astrantia's match today (Tuesday the 7th) at 8 PM EST at https://twitch.tv/Bullskunk. Allium's match will be casted on Friday the 10th at 8 PM EST at https://twitch.tv/onrywan.

Article by fenedhis and onemissejx Graphics by fenedhis



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