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CGL MTT Week 1 Recap

Updated: Apr 7

Week 1 kicked off on Thursday when Azalea faced Flying Gorillas in the NA T5 tier. They were expecting a tough match, and unfortunately lost 0-4. But they're ready to make a comeback next week!

On Friday, Astrantia (T3 NA) played their match against Neptune Esports. With a dominant team performance (and a little battle Mercy), they claimed a 4-0 victory.

Saturday was Ardisia's game day, and this week their opponent was Mythical Monsters in the T2 EU division. They started confident on Lijiang, but lost focus and dropped the first 3 maps. On Junkertown, they came back strong to end the series 1-3.

On Sunday, Anthemis pulled off a dramatic reverse sweep. They were down the first 2 maps to Legacy T3, but made a huge comeback and clutched a 3-2 win!

Later on Sunday, Allium faced a difficult opponent—Danny Defeato. They played 4 intense maps, but despite pulling off big EMP bombs on Junkertown, they lost the series 1-3.

Week 2 has officially started, and we're excited! Our first few matches have been scheduled already. In fact, Saturday's a double-header: Azalea vs. Levius and Allium vs. Tribulation at 8 PM EST.

P.S. Our Twitch is being revived with scheduled streamers for almost every day! Give us a follow at http://www.twitch.tv/antheiaesports 🌸 Article by fenedhis and onemissejx Graphics by fenedhis



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