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CGL Final Recap

Well, the long awaited Apollo vs. Tryhardts game went down last night, and unfortunately it would seem that Astrantia will not be making playoffs this season. It wasn't meant to be, but next season we'll be back!

Here's a short recap of our final games from weeks 8 and 9 (thank you to VenusTheSavior): Week 8 - Astrantia took a forfeit win over Revitalize Diamond to move up to 6-2 for the current CGL season. Week 9 - Astrantia took a loss 0-3 to Space where the team fought hard and put up a few good showings in fights especially on Oasis but still fell short.

Our final scores from this season was 6-3. We've learned a lot and our rosters will be going under some changes. Preparations for next season will begin shortly.

Good luck to all the teams that made it to playoffs, we can't wait to see how the rest of the season will go down!

See you soon,

the Astrantia team 🌺



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