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Astrantia Explained: Structure

Updated: Jan 14, 2019

Astrantia has grown and evolved since its inception in January 2018. We originally founded this team to provide a structure for like-minded players to compete and improve. With our recent expansion, we’d like to marry the vision we originally had while still staying committed to honing our competitive potential.

Introducing our 3 new divisions: Astrantia Academy (AC), Astrantia (NA), Astrantia (EU)

  • Astrantia Academy (AC) This division will be focused on gaining experience in league-style play and fundamentals. Players in this group will generally be around high plat/low diamond or players with scheduling constraints.

  • Astrantia (NA) This group will be highly active in leagues and primarily consist of high diamond/low masters players dedicated to improvement and competition. Players in this group will generally have a more flexible schedule.

  • Astrantia (EU) is our European counterpart. This roster will serve as a dedicated platform for our players in EU so that they can compete to curb ping and scheduling issues.

Organizational Structure

  • Management – Responsible for the organization and brand of Astrantia as a whole. Members of management coordinate the general direction of Astrantia and act as its vanguard by stepping in when needed. They provide information and general guidelines for the captains and exist to support each team.

  • Captains – Representatives and leaders of their respective teams. They are responsible for the daily operations of their team i.e. scheduling practices, scrims, recruitment, and league sign-ups. Captains work with coaches to determine in-game strategies while coordinating with other captains and notifying management of any roster changes/player movements.

  • Co-captains – Supports the captain in fulfilling their role. They are responsible for making sure that the captain accomplishes their tasks by executing delegated tasks. The co-captain acts as the team’s backup should the captain be unavailable to fulfill their role.

  • Coach – An independent entity whose expertise are sought to improve the teams’ overall performance. They work with Captains by guiding practices, spectating scrims, and providing information on new strategies. Management consults with coaches to determine the efficiency of each team.

Although these roles are vital to the daily function of Astrantia, the individual efforts of each member is still the backbone of this organization.



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